Welcome Spring?

The calendar shows today as the first full day of Spring 2015 but, outside, Old Man Winter is doing its best to cover all evidence of Spring. Still, even with another three inches of fresh snow covering the ground, gardeners welcome spring.

As the season officially turned to Spring last evening at 6:45 pm, snow was falling. It doesn’t look very spring-like outside this morning.

The first full day of Spring in south-central Connecticut

The first full day of Spring in south-central Connecticut

But yesterday, during an early morning walk I found hints of Spring.

Tete-a tete narcissi barely peeking out of the ground

Tete-a tete narcissi barely peeking out of the ground

The few narcissi bulbs not still buried deep under snow cover were peeking out of the ground. I call this hope and, after looking back at last year’s progress, these sprouts are only slightly smaller than on the first day of Spring last year.

Yep … hope.

More hope shows inside, under lights, where basil seedlings have sprouted.

basil seedlings

basil seedlings

They have a way to go before they are large enough to flavor meals, but these tiny plants bring hope.

For this gardener, one of the best ways to maintain hope while waiting for spring temperatures to actually arrive is to plant seeds. If you need a boost to start some of your own seeds, read my seed starting process.

Grow a seed … believe in the future.

And … welcome Spring even when the outdoor landscape is draped in white.

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2 comments for “Welcome Spring?

  1. March 31, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    I think my part of Maine has had less snow in recent weeks than you have, because many of the storms have gone out to sea to our south. So, even with the exceptionally cold temperatures hanging on, snow has begun to melt, and patches of bare ground have begun to appear around the trees and at the front edges of south-facing flower beds. Today, when I was walking around outside peering at those exposed patches of ground for signs of new growth, I found the first nubs of daffodils just pushing up through the ground. Spring really will come.

    • April 1, 2015 at 9:20 am

      Jean, I think spring emerging bulbs will appear at about the same time in our gardens this year. My daffodils are at the same growth level as yours and we still have snow covering all but the east, south east, and south facing foundation beds, a condition I hope will change rapidly with the forecast warmth expected in the next few days.

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