Time well spent

campanula cup and saucer mix 6-09_edited Gardeners are often so focused on what is left to plant, prune, weed, thin, spray, fertilize, and pick, that we forget to stop and enjoy our creations.  I was reminded of this yesterday.

Over the last couple of weeks all my spare time went toward completing some overdue gardening chores waylaid by rain.  Outside of grabbing a few photos of flowers in bloom or nice plant combinations, I took little time to enjoy the view.  But complements offered by friends and family attending my daughter-in-law’s baby shower reminded me how important it is to grab the opportunity to stop, look, and listen.

Lamb's Ear in flop_edited


Lamb’s ear are in full bloom and, yes, some of the tall flower stalks have flopped; foxglove blossoms have passed, or nearly so, and their brown spent blossoms cannot match the visual delight these biennials offered in full bloom; and still, there is weeding and mulching to complete.

astilbe-pink 2 Louisiana iris black gamecock 3 But, astilbe and Louisiana Iris (black gamecock) grab attention away from browning foxglove stalks, while bright nasturtium blossoms and pastel campanula (cup and saucer) beckon “look at me!”   With highlights such as these, little notice is made of yet unaccomplished chores.

nasturtium multi_edited So, thanks to the baby shower-goers, who not only supplied wonderful gifts to our awaited family addition and heartfelt well wishes to her expecting parents, but reminded me to take some time to enjoy the flowers.

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