Technology glitch and a turtle encounter

Though gardening has certainly kept me busy over the last three weeks since my last post, the main reason for my blogging hiatus is due to a technology glitch. Computer issues pretty much shut my blogging down.

I’m posting this from a tablet but soon hope to have a more capable device from which to share stories from joene’s garden.

In the meantime, visit joene’s garden on Facebook (the link is on the sidebar) to see the latest photos I’ve posted or see what’s on my mind.

During this evening’s stroll around the yard I came across an Eastern box turtle

Eastern box turtle during a 2011 visit.

Eastern box turtle during a 2011 visit.She was not too pleased with my curiosity as she appeared to be laying eggs. I wish she had chosen a more private spot though. Somewhere besides the middle of the path leading to my vegetable garde

She was not too pleased with my curiosity … about as pleased as I am with the little annoyances of trying to write a blog post from a tablet … but back to my Terrapene friend.

She was working on excavating the bit of soil between field stones in the path to the vegetable garden. I think she could have chosen a better spot for her egg laying, but I’m not a turtle and don’t know what a turtle looks for when choosing egg-laying locations.

She looks a lot like the photo above – turtles tend to live their lives in a very small geographical area – so she may be the same turtle in the photo from 2011.

I opted to take only a couple of current photos – they’re posted on joene’s garden on Facebook – then leave her to her task.


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