By joenesgarden, 14 days ago

Watch a tree to advance climate change research

You can help advance climate change research … simply watch a tree, or plant, and record its changes. Scientists investigating phenology – the study of seasonal biological events – can use your observations to help determine how the growing cycles of specific plants or all flora have changed over time.

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By joenesgarden, 2 years ago

Watching and Recording Plant Phases

Spring is springing early in Connecticut and I have more than anecdotal observations to prove it. I have multiple years of plant phase data recorded by me and other citizen scientists on the Project Budburst website. Project Budburst is a very cool project that asks plant watchers across the US to record first leaf, first flower, first ripe fruit, end of season leaf color changes, and other plant phenophases. Trained scientists then use these observations in their research.

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By joenesgarden, 3 years ago

Eyes on Plants, Shrubs and Trees

Looking for a free project that involves plant watching, helps advance science and … parents, grandparents, teachers take note … can be done with children? Project BudBurst fits the bill.

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