By joenesgarden, 1 year and 1 month ago

End of a Long Journey

About three years ago I embarked on a new journey … that of becoming certified in landscape design. The journey took a full year longer than I had planned and hoped, due to work, family, and general life responsibilities, but that's all in the past now. I finally reach the end of this long journey.

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By joenesgarden, 2 years and 11 months ago

Concept Garden: Herbs and Butterflies

It's been a while since I posted about my educational journey towards certification as a landscape designer. I'm still plugging away, moving around and through some roadblocks life dropped in my path, and my journey is taking longer than I want, but anything worth having is worth working for … so I continue to follow my Papa's advice to keep dancin' or, in this case keep studyin'.

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By joenesgarden, 3 years and 8 months ago

Landscape design styles – part 2

The geometric, highly organized, and formal-looking Paradise garden style (see previous post) dominated garden design for centuries. Then the Brits revolted.

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