By joenesgarden, 4 months and 14 days ago

Horseradish–You Can Grow That!

Horseradish is an easy to grow perennial root crop in my zone 6 gardens of south-central Connecticut – a plant-it-and-forget-it crop until autumn, when horseradish harvest time rolls around. It's a You Can Grow That! plant … so easy to grow that I'm often surprized more gardeners don't dedicate a sunny bed to it.

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By joenesgarden, 1 year and 4 months ago

Bulbs to Plant, Bulbs to Store; Avoiding a Gardening Oops.

Welcome to December and the monthly Gardening Oops … the GOOPs confessional. On the first of each month, here at joene's garden, it's time to fess up a GOOPs, a garden-related miss-step or downright mistakes. The December 2012 GOOPs theme is too much to do, too little time, all revolving around bulbs and tubers.

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By joenesgarden, 4 years ago

Newsy gardens & plants – April 9, 2010

Imagine a mass of climbing roses.  When in bloom, all you see is beauty. But look under the blossoms to the snarled, jumbled mass of thorny vines supporting the flowery show and things don't look so rosy.  This analogy explains my feelings about indoor flower shows. I enjoy the sights and smells of these massive productions. I love the exposure to ideas of other gardeners and landscapers – madcap and sensible alike. The local big show, the

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