Stars aligned to bring fall pleasures

Irving 11-22-09 November 23, 2009.  The stars aligned this weekend  – the combination of good weather, diminishing cold symptoms, and no other plans meant I had time to rake up, clean up, dig in, fence out, and generally prep for winter.  I had pots to empty and store, compost to turn, leaves to tend, and deer fencing to secure.  But my wanders uncovered a few surprises.  Irving watched as I discovered scabiosa, gazania, and salvia still blooming. 

scabiosa-1 11-21-09gazania 11-21-09  salvia last stand-2 11-21-09

Raspberries ripening and Alpine strawberries pushing out blooms and fruit.

raspberry-5 11-22-09 Alpine strawberry blossom 11-21-09 Alpine strawberry 11-21-09

We saw winterberry and blueberry contrasts in red;

 berry and grasses 11-22-09 blueberry twig 11-21-09

and ornamental kale in purple and green, plus santolina shining grey.

 ornamental kale-1 11-09 ornamental kale 11-09 santolina-1 11-22-09

Cutting celery beckoned to be used in Thanksgiving stuffing, and the warm fall temperatures kept sage still ready to harvest.

 cutting celery-3 11-22-09 sage-2 11-22-09

Thyme looked as healthy now as in the spring when I planted it in a pot with purple string bush beans.  Its  green carpet covered the pot’s dirt, yet offset the vibrant dark purple of the beans stems and pods.  Now, a month after the beans caught frost’s wrath, thyme continued to draw the eye until it’s otherwise occupied tender snipped it’s green stems and dropped them in a bag.  Here thyme will pass time, and once dry, will share tasteful pleasures by flavoring winter’s meals.

 thyme-potted-3 11-22-09 thyme-drying 11-22-09

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Like many other fortunate folks I’ll be busy stuffing a turkey and making pies, relishing cranberry and baking bread, mashing potatoes and casseroling beans, focusing on family and friends, counting my many, many blessings … and hoping the cold weather fencing again protects my rhododendron and azalea bushes from browsing deer.

2 comments for “Stars aligned to bring fall pleasures

  1. November 24, 2009 at 7:21 am


    Happy Thanksgiving. You’re right, the weekend was a great gardening gift. I managed to plant my last few 50% off purchases including a few native shrubs and perennials. I like Irving, he looks nice and clean compared to his cousin who must be living on my front step. While his cousin doesn’ t have a name, his head is a favorite spot for the local chipmunks to sit on and nibble acorns in the winter.

  2. November 26, 2009 at 7:22 am

    What a lovely garden you have. I am assuming that juicy raspberry did not survive the photo shoot?
    Happy Thanks Giving.

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