80 inches, Enough Already!

This may be slightly premature considering the unpredictable nature of New England weather, but I hope our final snowfall total rests at the 80 inches we’ve had so far this snow season. We track such things and, over coffee this morning, we added all the snow that’s fallen on our south-central Connecticut land this winter season.

Though not technically winter, the first snow fell November 7-8, 2012. It totaled 5”. Between this and the 12” that fell on December 29, we measured a few small snowfalls … all expected and absolutely part of a normal Connecticut winter.

A few more small storms dropped miniscule amounts before the blizzard of 2013, which dropped 36” of snow on us … what one son called a ‘crapload’ … and even more on other sections of Connecticut.

Most of the blizzard snow had melted. Even the plowed and shoveled piles were almost gone. Then yesterday morning we awoke to 10” of heavy, wet snow that continued most of the day.


When it finally stopped snowing late yesterday afternoon our total was 17”. We are still cleaning up.

I’m ready for spring, but can still appreciate the beauty of the sun-drenched, fresh snow and a clear, blue winter sky that greeted us this morning.


I know, under all this snow, that perennials are ready to greet another growing season.


Spring may not pop as early this year as it did in 2012, when crocus were in bloom on March 24,


but spring is not far away.

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