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P6290460We’ve had a great stretch of weather and with the holiday weekend I’ve finally found time to work in my own gardens rather than those of others. To stay focused on my quest to have all my tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings in the ground by Monday at dusk, I’m keeping this Newsy Notes post short. Plus I have basil and coleus seedlings to plant (looking forward to many coleus plants maturing like the one in the photo), cucumber, bean, and zucchini seeds to sow, and a ton of empty planters just waiting for some floral adornment … so much to do and, yikes, it’s almost June.

There seems to be some debate over the nutritional bang of organically grown versus ‘conventionally’ grown foods. A recently published review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition hints there is no nutritional difference. But studies have also hinted that organically grown foods have higher levels of antioxidants and some minerals. As with many areas of research, more studies are needed before anyone can honestly make a definitive claim one way or the other. My question: is it necessary to debate whether organically grown foods have better nutritional components? Don’t most people use organic food production and purchase organic foods to avoid unnecessary exposures to pesticide residue and other compounds such as antibiotics and hormones in meat and poultry? This is why I grow my gardens organically … why I purchase organically grown foods. If organic veggies and fruits happen to provide a greater nutritional punch I’d be thrilled. But the higher priority is getting more people to use organic practices, to cut down the level of chemicals spewed into our environment, to convince people to think before they spray. And I look ahead to a time when the term ‘conventionally grown’ means organically grown.

City dwellers and self-professed black-thumbers may find solace in the experiences of one Boston gardener who did not give up her quest to grow her own foods. She is Patti Moreno of Garden Girl TV. Read her interview at Living on Earth.

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  1. May 31, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    Hi Joene, Interesting question about why people eat organic. For me it’s not just about personal health, but about the health of the ecosystem. A food production system that depends heavily on petroleum and other chemical inputs is simply not sustainable and harms rather than conserves the environment. Anyone who needs a reason why it’s not a good idea to use petroleum products to raise our food can just look at the Gulf of Mexico. -Jean

  2. joenesgarden
    June 1, 2010 at 7:18 am

    Excellent point, Jean. I couldn’t agree more.

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