Must do’s versus wanna do’s

My summer has been a constant juggle between my must do list and my wanna do list, and with summer nearing its end, my wanna do list is still way too long … and this is definitely depressing.  I’m no where near mentally ready to start harvesting herbs for drying, or preparing my indoor plants for their return to the shelter of the house.  I have yet to pick peaches so I can freeze their summer flavor for mid-winter use.  And I’m just not prepared to see apples at the farm stand.  We’ve barely had summer heat in Connecticut, and now fall’s chill is creeping in with nighttime lows of 50 degrees and cooler. My wanna do list will have to wait, though, and unfortunately this blog is a wanna do.  My must do’s – specifically the work that pays the bills – must come first.  So, if you come by here and see only quick mini posts for a while, be patient as I get my must do’s caught up.

In the meantime consider

  • planting lettuce or radish seeds now for the chance of harvesting another crop before frost,
  • reviewing and noting what of this year’s plantings did and did not work so you can remedy it next season,
  • watching for late summer and fall plant sales since September and October are great times to plant many perennials,
  • keeping an eye out for late season sales on planters, gardening equipment and tools, and garden gadgets, art, etc.,
  • and soaking up late season sunshine, and enjoying the waning warmth.

blue steps 3_edited You might take time to visit a nearby site you are unfamiliar with such as Naumkeag’s striking blue stairs and fountain (photo from my May 2004 visit to Stockbridge, Massachusetts).  But be advised, you must walk down these steps in order to get this view looking back up … it is definitely worth the walk.

Or, you could visit The Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts to see the beautiful allee and classic grass steps  (my photos from May, 2004).

alee towards annual garden_edited 

grass steps 2_edited

Both are definitely worth the trip.

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