Lingering …

November 4, 2009.  Annual salvia and ageratum continue to bloom in spite of the cold.  Towering nearby are 6 foot tall cosmos that seem to reach for the sun’s dwindling warmth, while the smaller cosmos bloom shown here hugs the ground.  South-central Connecticut has seen light frosts, and even a light snow on October 15.  The plants most susceptible to 30 degree temperatures have given up the ghost.  But lingering still are the hardier garden souls, holding onto one or even a few stunning blossoms while the autumn leaves swirl around them.  The photos here were all shot just before dusk today.

salvia, ageratum, cosmos


Lavender and scabiosa perennials refuse to stop their show until heavier frost forces them to sleep.

lavender, scabiosa

Hydrangea-Endless Summer-2 11-4-2009 This one last hydrangea bloom, intentionally left on the plant so I can observe its progression of color, has looked just like this for more than a month, except now with the leaves turning purple as well, the blossom has taken on new beauty.











And, finally … it is worth the minimal time and effort needed to move blooming gerbera plants into a sheltered spot where they can blossom as long as they choose.  I picked this blossom yesterday.  Another one is on its way, all because I moved it out of the frosty outdoors and have it sitting on a table near a sunny window in my garage.gerbera

Enjoy the last of the season’s blooms.  Once these are gone, it will be time to focus on nature’s other gifts.  Are there blossoms still lingering in your garden?

4 comments for “Lingering …

  1. November 5, 2009 at 8:15 am


    I still have blooms on my lo & behold buddleia. They have been like flowering machines since I planted them a few months ago. I also have a few flowers on a doublefile viburnum and my coreopsis ‘Full Moon’ is putting on a show right now too. Other than that, my flowers are gone and the changing foliage of the shrubs and tress is providing all the color.

  2. joenesgarden
    November 5, 2009 at 8:22 am

    Debbie … don’t you just love those blooms that linger? Their colors seem so much brighter in autumn.

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