Late bloom before the storm

One daylily, Hemerocallis ‘Macbeth’, sent up one last bloom in defiance of the weather to come.


The shades of this rebloomer are slightly less intense than they were during summer, when the center glows in deep maroon in contrast to the raspberry hues of the outer edges of the petals. Still, this flower is no less lovely than its summer version.

What a welcome sight with hurricane Sandy promising to wage her fury on Connecticut.

Last September, when Irene paid us a visit, we lost power for seven days. Sandy seems much angrier. She may knock our power out for as long or longer.

Normally, on the first of each month I share a Gardening Oops – GOOPs for short. Take a look back at some previous GOOPs here and here. If Sandy allows, I’ll add another GOOPs on November 1.

If you see no new posts for a while, Sandy is to blame.

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