Houseplant census – 2010

Here’s a meme that’s new to me.  The houseplant census started by Mr. McGregor’s Daughter.  The idea is to list the houseplants you currently have, including the plants you are overwintering.  You can list them as a post on your own blog with a link at MMD, or as a comment there.  Obviously I’ve opted for the former.

  1. violet-2 1-14-10 3 African violets plus one violet start up – a must have for winter blooms
  2. 1 aloe – a must have for burns
  3. 2 peperomia – about the easiest care plant ever
  4. 2 scented geranium – they barely survive the winter, but thrive outside during summer
  5. 2 hibiscus – cut these way back early winter, they bloom beautifully during summer. One is 18 years old, the other it’s baby
  6. 1 hoya
  7. 3 ivy
  8. 3 dracaena –two of one type and one of another
  9. 2 sansevieria – Mother-in-law’s tongue
  10. P8200933 2 Christmas/Thanksgiving cacti – it blooms whenever it damn well pleases and I don’t’ mind
  11. 3 philodendron
  12. 1 spathiphyllum – peace lily
  13. 3 coleus – always taken from cuttings the previous summer.  My kitchen window sill would not be the same without them
  14. 1 jasmine – an amazing scent whenever it decides to bloom
  15. 1 lemon grass – overwintered but still good for occasional additions to winter meals
  16. 1 rosemary – overwintered and a tasty addition to winter soups, chicken, and fish
  17. 1 so-called pony tail palm
  18. 1 bromeliad
  19. 2 gerbera daisy plants I’m overwintering in the garage P6290460
  20. 1 trailing variegated vinca that’s keeping the gerberas  company
  21. and I did have a basil until … GOOPs … it came down with a case of aphids and found itself banished into the bitter winter cold.

Funny, I didn’t think I had this many indoor plants, and I never got around to  forcing indoor bulbs this year.

Head on over to Mr. McGregor’s Daughter, the list seems to be growing as fast as all of our indoor plants.

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  1. February 5, 2010 at 11:04 am

    Thanks for participating! I’m going to have to get a peperomia, easy is about all I can handle in houseplants. I love the Coleus!

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