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August 1, 2009 – On the first of each month I confess, if you will, one of the many mistakes I’ve made in my three decades or so of gardening.  I’ve dubbed this Gardening Oops – GOOPs – Day.  I firmly believe that if you don’t make mistakes, you’re simply not gardening, and I’m happy to see that other gardeners feel the same.  Those who read Steve Aitken’s ‘editor’s letter’ in the most recent issue of Fine Gardening (October 2009 – by the way, why is the October issue arriving in mailboxes in July?) saw this comment … A gardener – of any skill level – who can’t admit to making mistakes is either a fool or a liar … included in Steve’s list of hard truths of gardening.  Steve, if you read this, here’s my virtual – clap, clap, clap – applause.  My friend Debbie, at A Garden of Possibilities, also got a kick out of Steve’s list (see her post here).

Being neither a fool or a liar, I fully admit to many GOOPs.  I include another of mine below, but please feel free to review other GOOPs posted by me and contributing gardeners: May 2009 GOOPs, June 2009 GOOPs, July 2009 GOOPs.  Similar to previous GOOPs Days, I hope you will add your GOOPs in a comment below, or if you also have a gardening-related blog then post your GOOPs on your blog and leave us all enough of a teaser comment below to entice us to visit your blog – and your full GOOPs confession.

 messy lamb's ear border 7-09_edited You think this border could look a little bit neater?  Yep, me too.  This is my current GOOPs.  Usually I’m a stickler for deadheading, particularly along the front of a border.  But this year family events, work responsibilities, and other distractions (rain nearly every day) have pushed deadheading tasks way to the background, resulting in this not so nice looking foreground.  Granted, a little dedicated time will bring back a sense of neatness and order to my disorderly lamb’s ear, but my lack of deadheading time has also cut into the fullness of some of my annuals – petunias, salvias, lobelias, verbenas, and heliotrope, to name a few.  I doubt I’ll get a good second wave of bloom from the many dianthus and verbascum varieties tucked here and there (that’s Dianthus deltoids also awaiting a hair cut in the middle of the lamb’s ear).  Plus, since I’ve also neglected to deadhead the blooming stalks of Lady’s Mantle, I expect to have many baby volunteers that will need a new home (truthfully, though, having lady’s mantle volunteers is hardly a gardening faux pas).  So, now you know … even seasoned gardeners go through times when they’d rather not have anyone see their work – weeding and spraying deer repellant have also fallen by the wayside in joene’s gardens.  I’m kind of happy no one will be visiting my gardens for a while – at least not until I’ve had a chance to neaten up a bit.

Do you have a deadheading, or other GOOPs to share?

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  1. August 3, 2009 at 7:58 am


    Your post reminds me that I haven’t seen my lambs ear this year in my garden! For years I had some planted near my forsythia and the two were constantly growing into each other. Last year I pulled out a bunch of the lambs ear ( now I’m thinking maybe too much of it) so the forsythia could grow as much as it wanted to. I think I’ll run out and see if I can find any trace of the lambs ear and move it to another location so it can grow to it’s hearts content. While I miss it I do remember how quickly it could become unsightly – seemingly overnight – when it needed a bit of TLC.

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