February Survival

reds of decayFebruary is my least favored month of the year.  I have a zillion reasons to be thankful and upbeat … and I never forget any one of them … but this does not prevent my February mood from turning blah … or even, at times, downright surly.  In spite of annual efforts to stave off  these February blahs, they settle in as surely as the sun sets and tides wane.  The month’s dangle-a-shiny-object moments like Groundhog Day, the Super Bowl (even if ambivalent about American football, there’s usually one or two amusing commercials), Mardi Gras, or Valentine’s Day do not alter the fact that I simply don’t like this month.   The nicest thing I can say about February is it’s short.

Every year I approach this month determined to keep the blahs at bay, but every year it claws at my mood until down-in-the-dumps replaces upbeat and downbeat overpowers positive.  This year it took just five days for February’s talons to scrape my mood raw.  But today the sun is shining and I’m determined to focus on the promise of March that always shines brightly at the end of my February tunnel.  So I developed a plan … a February survival plan … and it boils down to accentuating the positives.  Here’s my survival tactics so far:

  1. I succumbed to the luscious descriptions of seed catalogues and ordered from Kitchen Garden Seeds and Pinetree Garden Seeds, and in preparing these orders I was happily reminded of my good supply of seeds saved from last year – a money saver and a general mood booster.  I don’t have to wait to plant early lettuce; all I have to do is add soil, water, and lights.
  2. The groundhog saw its shadow, so let it snow.  Fresh snow makes everything look so clean and new.  Watching snow fall is simply magic, and when sunshine reflects off of snow the whole world is brighter … and it’s in our short-term forecast.
  3. Geranuim sanguineum Only 40 days until spring.  ONLY 40 DAYS UNTILL SPRING!  Only 40 days until Spring!  In just 21 more days we can say, “spring starts this month.”
  4. The first anniversary of this blog is fast approaching … yeah!  Watch for a commemorative post.
  5. Celebrate others.  Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for a great Super Bowl win.  This is going to be one hell of a Mardi Gras. Laissez les bon temp rouler, indeed.

So share with me … what do you do to beat back winter blahs, February or otherwise?  With 20 more days of February left, and 40 more days until spring, there’s al lot of beating-back remaining to be done.

7 comments for “February Survival

  1. February 9, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    We don’t have snow, but February is a dreary month! But that means lots of fires in our fireplace and snuggle time under blankets. :<)

  2. joenesgarden
    February 9, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    We tend to have fires nightly, Deborah. Hopefully by tomorrow it won’t be quite so dreary here. We’re supposed to get a fair amount of snow.

  3. February 10, 2010 at 8:34 am

    Personally, I like February. Partly because my oldest son is born in February so there’s always a birthday celebration to look forward to at the end of the month. Plus, I feel like once February is done spring really is around the corner, so getting through the month is like a triumph of fortitude.

    One way I get through the winter is by attending a bevy of trade shows where I see all sorts of plants in bloom, which remind me of what’s possible and also begin to get the creative juices going.

  4. joenesgarden
    February 10, 2010 at 9:17 am

    You have good reason to look forward to February, Debbie, and I agree that getting through is a triumph.

  5. February 10, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Like Debbie, I hit as many trade shows as possible. And visit the conservatory at the NY Botanical Garden – the smell of tropical plants always makes me feel like spring is just around the corner. Last year, the first crocuses in my garden bloomed on March 1 – so I spend much of February poking around in the garden, talking to the emerging bulbs and encouraging them to bloom as quickly as possible!!

  6. February 11, 2010 at 1:41 am

    Just returned from the garden show in Seattle, that helped with the blahs. Spending too much time online, deciding what bulbs/plants/etc. to order for this year in the garden helps, too. Spring is still so far away (March? I wish! More like May….) that I haven’t gotten too surly yet. Maybe next month. Reading garden blogs where people are acutally doing spring things in the yard is good for the green starved gardener in me. Congrats on your upcoming blogaversary.
    Christine in Alaska

  7. joenesgarden
    February 11, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    I’m looking forward to the local flower show next week, Christine. It will certainly be a breath of fresh air.

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