Color from the garden, but not enough

Here it is the first of the month, time for my monthly gardening oops – GOOPS for short – post. Each month I dig one of my gardening blunders out to share with you. I hope that doing so will help others not make the same GOOPs. Once you read mine, please share one of your GOOPs.  Don’t be shy … we all make mistakes. Share yours in a comment below or, if you have your own blog, share it there – just be sure to tease us a little in a comment below and give us a link to your GOOPs post.

This month’s gardening faux pas will be concise. You understand … I’m busy in the garden or busy cooking/preserving goodies from the garden.

Here’s what I picked recently. Clockwise from the top: Cherry tomato ‘Sweet Million’, Bush bean ‘Purple Queen’, eggplant Ichiban, Bush bean ‘Pencil Pod Yellow’,  more Sweet Million cherry tomatoes, more Purple Queen beans, a heirloom zucchini called ‘Black’ (delicious sliced in half, grilled, and topped with provolone cheese), the last snow peas ‘Carouby de Maussane’, and centered, zucchini ‘Gold Rush’ and an onion ‘Red Wethersfield’ that originated with Connecticut’s own Comstock, Ferre & Co. (now open again in Wethersfield, CT)

color from the gardenThe beans and onions have been producing for a few weeks now , the tomatoes just started.  We’ve harvested about 4 eggplant of the Ichiban sort with many more coming, and these will shortly be joined by Lavender Touch eggplant. I planted the zucchini late so this is the first of the Black variety and likely the last of Gold Rush since squash borers have attacked Gold Rush plants. The cherry tomatoes have just begun to ripen, in a few days we’ll be overrun. Larger tomatoes – Pruden’s Purple, Manyel, and Roma – will be ripe soon.

The GOOPs is that it’s the first of August and I’m just now sowing a second crop of beans and zucchini – I should have done this a couple weeks ago. Even with many good intentions I have yet to plant a late sowing of lettuce and tatsoi, and another batch of cucumbers might do well if I have enough seed.

Summer’s bounty is so much larger when the overseeing gardener manages to get second plantings in the ground in enough time for crops to mature before frost. Beans, lettuce/greens, summer squashes, and peas are ripe for second sowings. Good intentions don’t put food in mouths … now I need to take my own advice.

Okay, it’s your turn. Do you have a gardening faux pas you’re willing to share? The first admission is the toughest. After that it becomes pretty easy to admit a GOOPs. Just look at all the GOOPs I and other gardeners have made.

Happy GOOPs Day – here’s hoping my GOOPs are not yours.

6 comments for “Color from the garden, but not enough

  1. August 1, 2010 at 5:58 am

    Those colorful vegetables look so enticing.— prettier than any flowers. My oops this month is on my blog, and it’s a fairly typical one: eventual size matters in landscaping. Thanks for hosting this confessional every month, I find it very cathartic!

  2. August 1, 2010 at 8:08 am

    Hi Joene, I have not just one, but two, Goops to share this month; here’s the link:

  3. joenesgarden
    August 1, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    I find GOOPs posts cathartic as well, Laurrie. It’s always good to remind ourselves of our own blunders – helps to keep our feet firmly planted.

  4. joenesgarden
    August 1, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    I’m so glad you joined GOOPs Day, Jean. Your GOOPs #1 and #2 both show how garden design is never really complete.

  5. August 2, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    All of those vegetables came from your garden? Wow! They look so delicious. The colors are spectacular. I wish it could motivate me to garden, but I’m terrible at that. I have no idea how to grow things in my desert yard. My goops: I wanted to water two houseplants and stuck them outside for some fresh air. I forgot it’s just too hot right now, left them outside too long, and they wilted to death. I think I may have salvaged one, but I had to cut him back all the way to the new stems growing out. The other I cut back but there doesn’t appear to be any life left on him. We’ll see.

  6. joenesgarden
    August 2, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Ouch … Jackie … houseplants don’t like quick moves from indoor to direct unfiltered sun. What type of plants are these? Regardless, leaves burn like skin, but leaves don’t have the same healing ability as skin. The only recourse for plants with damaged leaves is to grow new ones. Baby the one showing life – water regularly but no more direct sun – and it should recover.

    Thanks for the compliments on my veggies but, actually, this is a small harvest from a small, mostly potted garden. Some veggies are doing very well – eggplant, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers – others not so.

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