Autumn Joys, part deux

beech-half changed 10-2009 sedum 10-2009 Now is the time to get out and enjoy the last of the fall colors in southern Connecticut.  While outside wandering … whether aimlessly or not … look high to grab a mental snapshot of New England’s breathtaking fall colors.  But also look down to take note of color changes lower to the ground.  Often,  perennial plantings put on their own show each fall.  Low-growing sedum, once bright green, now displays it’s autumn hues.


pennisetum-2 10-2009 Shorter grasses, like this pennisetum,  add color and structure.


Also, while enjoying the view, keep a sharp eye out for any bittersweet vines.  I do a thorough bittersweet search in the spring, but fall is also a good time to attack this invasive vine.

In the photo below you can see the green bittersweet leaves giving themselves away at the top of a native blueberry bush.  This bittersweet easily could have grown from a small shoot to this in one season.  Pull bittersweet now, before the ground freezes and, if possible, burn the vines in an outdoor firepit so birds cannot eat the seeds and further spread the tree and bush destroying vine. highbush blueberry and bittersweet 10-2009

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