A Determined Gardener

What can a determined gardener living in a fifth floor apartment grow? Strawberries, cilantro, basil, microgreens, broccoli and a few ornamental perennials all grow outside the apartment of Amanda Bloom.

Amanda is the editor of The Mercurial, a web magazine that covers news and interesting items about food, arts, music, science, health, the environment and people. Much of The Mercurial’s news content focuses on the greater Danbury, Connecticut area but many other articles speak to New Englanders in general.

Amanda has cross-posted some of my blog articles in the Science, Earth & Stars section of The Mercurial. Today I have the chance to return the favor by posting part of and linking to her fifth floor gardening adventures. Amanda is quite a determined lady. Her desire to pick her own home-grown produce compels her inventiveness and I’m thrilled to know that my account of growing microgreens, Seed to Salad in 10 Days, inspired Amanda to do the same.


My Fire Escape Garden: May

May 22, 2013
By Amanda Bloom

A bin of lettuce and spinich at left and strawberries at right.

A bin of lettuce and spinach at left and strawberries at right.

What’s one to do when one loves to garden but hasn’t a yard?  Why, accumulate lots of pots and truck loads of soil up to one’s fifth floor apartment, of course!  This is what I’ve been doing over the past four years to create a mostly edible garden on my apartment’s fire escape.

NOTE: When using a fire escape as a garden, it’s important to keep the walkway clear.  This is an emergency exit, after all!

Container gardening can be challenging, but there’s nothing quite like hopping out your living room window and harvesting some fresh produce for a summer meal.

I’ll share my garden’s successes and failures here each month.  These photos were taken about two and a half weeks ago, in mid-May.

READ MORE at The Mercurial.

I’ll be watching for Amanda’s gardening adventure updates. If you are an apartment-dwelling gardener or a gardener with limited in-the-ground planting space you are bound to pick up some great gardening pointers. Besides, don’t you just love reading the adventures of a gardener with the last name of Bloom?

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